Teena Barretto

Everything you need to know about Teena

Teena Barretto has always been fascinated with parties and events.

She remembers that as early as eight years old, she was already organizing activities for the kids in her neighborhood. In high school, Teena was actively involved in committees and organizations that would put together stage plays and theater workshops. As if the extra-curricular activities were not enough, Teena would also busy herself with the planning and staging of debut parties and surprise gatherings for her close friends and family.

Her internship at Acropolis Beaverworks exposed her to different kinds of corporate events and shows for big brands. Even after she completed the required hours for her internship, Teena continued working part-time for the company, further learning the nitty gritty of event production and establishing her own network of trusted suppliers.

It was around this time Teena realized one thing. She knew that she was where she was meant to be. As Teena herself puts it, “I knew right away I was made for that kind of industry. It’s the kind if work that my mind and body craved for.”

Teena didn’t just find her niche and her place, she found her passion.

Teena fell in love with makings things happen. She loved how ideas come alive—from the drawing boards to the real world.
That is why after college, Teena found herself in the world of advertising. Like event planning, advertising gave Teena the fulfillment and the adrenaline rush that she was looking for. She handled such big brands as Philippine Airlines, Tanduay, and the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

“I like creating ads, TVCs. I like it when ideas come together to form one creative, cohesive product. It was something that excited me.”
A year later, Teena joined a multi-national advertising agency where she was given the task of handling her dream account—the agency’s bread and butter—Smart Telecommunication.

Despite the pressure and the demands of the job, Teena enjoyed every minute of it.
“I loved the pressure, I loved the deadlines, I loved the stress, oh my goodness! I was chewing stress, pressure, and deadlines 24/7. I simply loved being in the creative world, as my soul thrived in it!”

But the allure of events planning was hard to resist. After four years in the advertising world, the indefatigable Teena felt it was high time to go back to her original love.
This time around, Teena wanted to try something new.
“I wanted to try my hand at weddings. I wanted to create something that would touch lives,” she says. “Something very personal, something that people will remember for the rest of their lives. Something more meaningful than meeting marketing objectives and target sales. I wanted to touch hearts and touch lives in my own little creative and OC way.”

To prepare herself for her new plans, Teena made sure that she would be the right woman for the job. She took a leave from work, went to the US, and studied wedding planning and event management at Weddings Beautiful Worldwide, USA.
After Teena finished the course and earned the title “Certified Wedding Specialist Worldwide. She also received accreditation from the National Bride Service, USA.

When Teena felt that she was ready, she took the plunge and finally left the world of advertising.

“I left advertising with no definite plans and with no clients booked!”

Her decison to get into wedding planning was validated when, after two weeks since resigning from her day job, Teena booked three clients.

“That’s when I felt I had the green light from heaven. This is really for me.”

From then on, there was no looking back for Teena. Not only did Teena introduce a new approach to organizing weddings, Teena also upped the ante by coming up with fresh and oftentimes unconventional ideas into her weddings and other events.