What are the safety protocols for TBE events during the pandemic?

Sep 27, 2020 | Blog

Find out how we’re elevating our own safety protocols for live events.

It’s time to take the first step forward and slowly regain our lives back to “normal”. But in doing so, priorities should be shifted. Safety should be highly regarded, especially in this industry, where we deal with social events and cater to various forms of gatherings. While the other alternative of doing things online is already put in place with the TBE Curated Party Box and PandeMix, there are still opportunities to do live events as long as we adhere to all safety and legal protocols set by the authorities.

Our “New Normal” Essentials

Safety protocol, Teena Barretto, TBE Events
PPE by @stylesbytfg

In this new normal, safety is one of my top priorities in doing the business. For our part, I made sure we all have our safety gears on, along with added reinforcements to our usually fully loaded belt bags.

Safety protocol, Teena Barretto, TBE Events

First off, our specially made PPEs from Styles by TFG (the lifestyle clothing line of The Fine Gentleman) is more than just our events team’s uniform, but will also help shield us from physical threats. Face masks and shields are already a given, but we’ve added more on the list of standard safety essentials, such as alcohol sprays, UV wands, anti-bacterial wipes and personal air purifiers.These are now a staple for every member of Team TBE during live events.

Getting tested

Safety protocol, Teena Barretto, TBE Events

To further strengthen our stand on creating and handling a safe environment for everyone, TBE requires an antigen swab test on all suppliers, clients and their guests two days before the event. This will allow everyone a breathing room for adjustments in their lineup, if necessary.

Protection for all

Safety protocol, Teena Barretto, TBE Events

The safety precaution extends to our clients and their guests, as well. We make sure to handle out tokens and souvenirs by using clippers or tongs to hand them out, along with baskets that we can use to pass around as a means for contactless distribution of items for the guests. We’ve also invested in other gadgets, such as an anti-bacterial and antiviral misting machine, as well as a UV lamp. These will be used to disinfect the venue hours before the event.

For bigger events in areas under MGCQ, we will deploy a Certified Safety Protocol Officer to ensure that all parties are under strict compliance to the standard guidelines.

Safety should be taken seriously during the pandemic. We may slowly be given more access to public facilities and social gatherings right now, but that doesn’t mean that we should take our health for granted. With these practices set into place, we hope this will help set the standards for live events safety protocols. It is better to be OA about safety than to be sorry.