Doing your I Do’s: How does a wedding during a pandemic look like?

Jul 9, 2020 | Blog

From wearing masks to going online, here are some of the changes to expect on how weddings look like in this new normal.

One of the major hurdles during the pandemic, especially to the live events industry, is how a certain gathering would be like as we go along with our new normal.

Being an event planner for the last fifteen years, we were witness to several turns and changes of seasons in the events landscape here in the Philippines. And with the recent happenings around the world, where social and mass gatherings are limited, the biggest question is how would a wedding during a pandemic look like?

We recently did a #PromiseWedding that gives us a glimpse on how it would feel and be like, and here are some of the obvious changes to expect.

Sticking to what is essential is the key

Weddings typically allow a couple to gather hundreds of guests to join their celebration, but that’s not the case this time around. Guests are now limited to up to 10 attendees only on GCQ and 50% of venue capacity on MGCQ, giving utmost attention to the required 1.5 meters social distancing. That includes the couple, their parents, their principal sponsors, guests, and suppliers! Yes, suppliers included in the count!

Safety first

As the threat against Covid-19 remains in the country, physical contact has always been limited to avoid its further spread to communities. Hence, the constant reminder of the use of face masks and observing social distancing. That is also heavily practiced during the wedding, including the bride and the groom. Washing of hands before you enter the venue may be required and the constant sanitizing of hands with the use of alcohol. People exhibiting cough, colds, fever, weakness may be refused entry, and this applies to both guests and suppliers. We highly encourage one to stay home when not feeling well.

Online celebrations

To make up for the lack of guests during the actual ceremony, going online is the best way to fill the void of human interaction on your special day. With social messaging apps like Zoom and Google Meet, or even Facebook Live, every celebration can be shared to your loved ones easily.

Weddings are more than just a union of two hearts, it’s a promise to commit to a lifetime together. Couples nowadays may be left with limited options on how to pursue their wedding plans, but TBE is here with you to adjust to the times while complying to all safety protocol guidelines set forth by the government for everyone’s protection. This only shows that couples can still have a safe and beautiful celebration for now, as we wait for better days to carry on with bigger, grander plans in the future.