[Virtual] Partying with the Agoncillos

Feb 7, 2021 | Blog

Celebrating events online has become the best way to spend the special day with your loved ones while following the rules on social distancing and mass gatherings.

Teena Barretto, Virtual Party Box, Judy Ann Santos

And that exactly what prompted the [virtual] party series at the Agoncillo household. The proud parents, Judy Ann and Ryan, wanted to give their kids virtual parties to make their birthdays extra special. They knew how much they would want to spend the day with their friends and other close relatives as the pandemic continues to stretch towards the second half of the year.

Virtual Party , Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, Teena Barretto

And as one of our well-loved clients, they gave TBE their full trust to be able to deliver to their virtual party needs. More than just the treats that we prepared for the guests, different activities that suited their chosen themes were also facilitated via Zoom complete with a party host. With the TBE Curated Party Box, we were able to deliver unforgettable virtual parties for Yohan, Lucho and Luna.

Virtual Party, Teena Barretto, Ryan Agoncillo, Judy Ann Santos

It all started last October when Lucho celebrated his 10th birthday with a Walking Dead themed virtual party. It was like celebrating Halloween weeks earlier for that one too.

Party Planner, Virtual Party, Teena Barretto, Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo

Just a month after, their eldest turned 16 with an enchanting celebration with her friends. Despite the cool and casual feel of the party, Yohan got emotional for the simple fact that she got to celebrate her big day with them and was in tears upon seeing all her friends. There was also a precious moment shared between Yohan and her parents as she expressed her sincere and heartfelt gratitude for them. It was definitely a night to remember for the birthday girl.

Party Planner, Virtual Party, Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, Teena Barretto

Lastly, and not to be outdone, the Agoncillo’s little princess also had her own virtual party for her 5th birthday just this January. Luna chose a Minnie Mouse theme this time around, which accurately suits her cute and bubbly personality. But what surprised everyone was seeing this little girl actually cry once she saw her friends online. It seemed like she got overwhelmed seeing them again almost a year after, just like her sister.

It only goes to show how the pandemic is also affecting our children. We may see them enjoying more time lounging and playing at home but it may just be their way of coping up and adapting to the current situation. Their emotions are real and unfiltered, that everything suddenly comes out in the open by just seeing their friends online. In a way, virtual parties may help bridge those unspoken emotions they have inside. As we’re all getting wrapped up about the bigger threats of the pandemic, I hope we can also find time to check on our kids and understand their struggles as well.

Party Planner, Virtual Party, Teena Barretto, Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo

It’s always a blast spending time with the Agoncillos, and we are grateful to have been a part of most of their family milestones. And the more we work with them, the more we see the beautiful couple as more than just the famous celebrities that they are, but the loving parents to their equally adorable kids.

Here’s to more parties with you, guys!

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