Moms that have Inspired Me Over the Years

May 10, 2021 | Blog

In my years in the business, I was exposed to different family milestones. I’ve seen families grow. From couples who got married and eventually had a child of their own to daughters who celebrated their debut and would later on walk down the aisle on her wedding day.

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There are also families who have trusted every birthday, Christmas party, business launches and other celebrations with us. In all these years, I’ve seen families from different walks of life. Different folks, different strokes. Each one with a strong female head of the family who have shown many sides and facets of motherhood.

But there really are some that left a mark to me in many ways—as a personal role model, and source of inspiration and strength.

Let me share with you some of the moms that have inspired me over the years.

Marian Rivera

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Everyone knows her as one of the most beautiful faces in the country and a superstar among celebrities, but to me, she’s a beautiful person with so much love to give. I witnessed her transformation from being a super busy celebrity to a mother who always prioritizes her family. Despite her very demanding career, she still makes sure to be present for her children. I’ve seen her sacrifice just to be able to breastfeed or personally take them to school. Her dedication in being a hands on mom is something I always admire from her.

Suzette Ayson

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The mother of all mothers. She raised three beautiful daughters like a walk in the park. It was such a beautiful sight seeing them treat each other like bestfriends and partners in crime. Her motherly, nurturing spirit and her natural grace makes people drawn into her, that even her daughters’ friends treat her as their second mom. She’s so giving that she even extended that privilege to me. Her love is so still, so silent, but so strong. It was also from her that I learned such powerful words about being a mother, “If nagkakaproblema ka sa anak mo, don’t punish them or yourself for it, you love them even more.”

Joy Rustia

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Another mother to three beautiful daughters. She showed me how being headstrong can open a world of opportunities for her children without actually spoon feeding them or laying everything on a silver platter. She’s a woman with a generous heart and utmost love for her family. It was such a great time exchanging ideas with someone as equally creative and dynamic as her, when we gather to plan for their celebrations. She constantly challenges me to become and to do better.

Marjorie Barretto

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I consider Marj as the best at being a mom. It amazes me how her children are very thoughtful and caring of her. They literally cannot live without her even if they’ve grown up now. She lived a life of strength for them to witness and learn from. That made their bond so strong, that no one can ever break. She’s such an inspiration that I even told her once that if I ever be half of the mother that she is, I’d be so happy.

Cheka Kramer

I’ve known Cheks since we were kids and she has always been the same girl I grew up with. But being a mother to Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin made her live out her purpose. I learn so much from her about motherhood, especially in raising kids according to God’s plan and purpose. Cheka is a beautiful person inside and out, but her beauty shines beyond compare as a mother.

Priscilla Meirelles

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She is the perfect example of a mom of service. She finds happiness in serving her family, even if it gets exhausting sometimes. She would rather do things herself, instead of delegating the task to other people, like planning for every family celebration, big or small. I even tease her sometimes that she’s out to take my job! But the truth is, there are many moms out there just like her, who really find joy in serving.

Jary Garcia

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What I really admire a lot about Jary is how she draws inspiration from her own mother to be an awesome mom to her kids—Andrew, Jan and Ysa. The way she always honors her mom despite already having her own family shows how much she looks up to her. You can tell how much she values her mother’s approval, as she would always consider and prioritize almost all her decisions on different occasions. At a time where everyone is eager to grow up and be on their own, witnessing her utmost love and dedication for her mother is so heartwarming.

It’s been a privilege to be able to meet these women and be inspired by them. But there are still a lot of mothers out there that are worth admiring. Mothers we can all learn a thing or two from. Women with different stories and backgrounds in their journey to motherhood. Some may even be just a mother figure we all look up to. It only goes to show that being a mother is a continuous learning process that you don’t get to learn from books, but from your personal experience and the collective points and stories you come across with as you go along.