Jul 19, 2020 | Blog

It wasn’t how we all hoped this year would be, but here we are. Locked in our own home, with lingering thoughts consuming our heads. This global pandemic really brought too many thoughts to mind.

For me, it led me to three words:


Pause to breathe. Yes, just breathe— that much needed “step back” to breathe. We know that when things don’t work according to our plans, we need to hit that restart or power button to recalibrate. And with our crazy and usually hectic daily grind, this pandemic allowed us or even forced us to just hit that power button. 

I paused to breathe. I paused to respect the pause. And I paused to look back on the 15 years that was and ask myself, what’s next?

All those years were a roller coaster ride, where there were victorious and glorious seasons, as well as painful and difficult ones. These collections of experiences and learnings are now nuggets of wisdom I always hold close to my heart. But this time is different. The times are changing, taking away from us most of what we’ve already worked hard for. Somehow, the question of what’s next becomes an endless loop.

But there is only one thing I am certain of — every season has a purpose and God allows us to go through it to discover, to learn, to grow and to restart. In each turn, we grow in progression to the next level. No matter how hard the situation is now, you must remain steadfast to follow His path. Believing that just like the bible says, there’s always a time and season for everything.

This pause, this change of season in His guidance, allowed me to move to a direction I wished I have done before. To share with you some thoughts and musings on the different turns and seasons we’ve been through in the last 15 years. So in the next few weeks and months, expect more content from TBE, with tips and useful information to help ease you through different celebrations and milestones. We aim to share with you our passion and help you find ways to get a better understanding of what we do. Thus, welcoming you to a new season with us, here at TBE.

As we pivot to this “temporary normal” (yes, I’d like to believe that this is temporary and we will meet each other again because nothing beats going live), I pray that just like us, you were able to embrace the purpose of that pause, and you were able to align your heart and your plans with God’s will and purpose for you. Let us all find ways to turn to a new direction, find new inspiration and open our hearts to a new season.

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