Is a destination wedding possible during this time?

Apr 7, 2021 | Blog

Yes! It is still possible even during the pandemic, but it comes with a lot of things to consider. Here’s a checklist on how to start planning for your destination wedding.

LGU rules on social events and weddings

Intimate wedding, bride, covid wedding, destination wedding

Start by asking the right questions to the authorities. Is the city you chose allowing weddings and social events? How many guests are allowed? What are the restrictions? Take note that the IATF only releases guidelines. LGUs have the final say and their own set of rules on how to implement the said guidelines, so it differs from one place to another. Always make sure to check the local protocols. Find out more about the video shown above here.

Quarantine and entry protocols

Intimate wedding, bride, covid wedding, destination wedding

Most common requirement for entry is a negative swab result, but other LGUs require an RT PCR swab test, as opposed to an ordinary antigen swab test. There are also other cities that require a travel pass or a medical certificate. Ensure that all requirements are set and prepared for your guests so that their experience will not be ruined right at the entry point. A smooth and flawless coordination and dissemination of information is an essential key for this.

Study the access route

Intimate wedding, bride, covid wedding, destination wedding

Getting to the destination is important for your guests, as well as the suppliers who may need to travel a long way to your venue. Is the place accessible by car? Do you have to pass through checkpoints? If the location is farther than outside Metro Manila, you should be able to coordinate their travels as well. Are there available flights, if needed? Should you go for commercial flights or through a private hangar? What are the requirements to be able to board the flight? There are many things to consider in reaching your destination, so you must also manage the means of transportation for everyone’s safe and easy travels.

Intimate wedding, bride, covid wedding, destination wedding

A destination wedding gives us a break from the indoors. It allows us to enjoy the ocean breeze and the fresh air of the countryside, things that we have all been deprived of for the past year. But we have to make sure that everyone can celebrate safely by being mindful of all the protocols and guidelines. A single test is not a guarantee of a Covid-free event. It is just a line of defense or a minimal screening method. We should still be cautious in keeping our masks on and maintain social distancing as a general rule.

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