How to write your wedding vows

Feb 21, 2021 | Blog

Most Filipino weddings usually rely on the standard pre-written vows included in the ceremony, but more and more couples are now opting to exchange their marital promises in their own words.

While this is only applicable to Christian ceremonies, Catholic wed couples can still pre-record their own and include it in their wedding video edit.

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Writing your own wedding vow is a huge task, as it gives you the opportunity to express your deepest emotions to your partner and share that intimate moment in front of your family and friends. But doing so will also make your wedding a lot more heartwarming and unforgettable.

Here are a few tips on how to write your own wedding vow:

Get comfortable

How to write your wedding vows, Teena Barretto, wedding planner, event planner

Make yourself comfortable in any way possible, especially if you’re not really good with talking in front of a crowd. You can always write it down and read it on a piece of paper, no one will judge you!

Also choose the language you’re most comfortable to use, or you can always switch it up as if you’re in a normal conversation with your partner. After all, those vows are meant for him/her.

Find inspiration

How to write your wedding vows, Teena Barretto, wedding planner, event planner

Is there a line from your favorite song that expresses everything you feel at the moment? Or a movie quote you both enjoy to quip at each other in random? Or it could also be a bible verse that you both carry in your hearts throughout your relationship.

Use them as an inspiration for your wedding vow and it will definitely make your partner appreciate the sentimentality that encompasses those words.

Focus on your vows

How to write your wedding vows, Teena barretto, event planner, wedding planner

Sharing a few anecdotes is fine, but always keep your mind direct to what your wedding vows are all about. Express your love and devotion to your partner, and share the promises you intend to keep from that moment to forever.

These are just a few ticks to check in writing your vows but the truth is, there are sometimes no rhyme or reason that can fully describe what and how you feel in words. What’s important is to keep your promise of forever and put those words in action.

How to write your wedding vows, teena barretto, wedding planner, event planner

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