How to provide a safe event for your guests?

Aug 10, 2021 | Blog

More than the aesthetics and memorable moments, providing a safe place to celebrate should also be your priority when planning an event. Safety has definitely changed its meaning since the start of the pandemic, and we should adhere to this new normal to protect ourselves from contracting the virus.

Following quarantine protocols, small and intimate gatherings are still allowed so you must be able to keep it safe and memorable for you and your guests. Make your celebrations worth remembering for the right reasons.

So here are a few tips on how to provide a safe event for your guests.

Send out reminders

This is important especially for guests who will be coming from different locations. Send out reminders on the local quarantine protocols on where the event will be held, what tests are needed and other papers they need to bring. By doing this, you are giving your guests the benefit of complying with what needs to be done before the event and not to scramble at the last minute.

Intimate wedding, bride, covid wedding

This applies to everyone involved in the event—suppliers, staff and guests. Anyone who will be going in and out should have a negative test result (PCR test) a day before the event. After taking the test, make sure to isolate yourself at home until the day of the actual event, or if you are a supplier, until you have to report for duty. This will help lessen the risk of spreading the virus in your event.

Disinfect the venue

Intimate wedding, bride, covid wedding

Disinfection should be part of preparing the venue before the event. There are groups out there that provide such services, or you can invest in the tools and machinery yourself, if you prefer. Focus on the places and surfaces that people would tend to congregate and get in close contact with like handrails, chairs, tables and the likes.

Prepare safety packs

Intimate wedding, bride, covid wedding

Give out a safety pack for every guest. This may include a face mask, alcohol sprays and anti-bacterial wipes that they can use the entire event. Also make sure to have extra boxes of face masks on standby, in case anyone needs it, along with alcohol spray stations and other disinfecting effects.

Have a Certified Safety Officer at the venue

It is better to coordinate the safety protocols with the local government unit first so you will know the guidelines to follow. But in the case of bigger events (mostly in areas under MGCQ), it’s better to have a Certified Safety Officer to help ensure that all mandatory safety protocols are followed.

Follow food safety protocols

Intimate wedding, bride, covid wedding

Food safety should be given proper focus as it can easily be contaminated when mishandled. This may expose your guests to higher risks. There are certain guidelines that need to be implemented when it comes to handling food and drinks for events. Discuss this with your supplier and ensure that everything is in order on the day of the event.

Doing extra work to keep your event safe may be exhausting, but that’s one reason why you should get an event planner to help you sort things out with ease. Let us help you stay on track with less worries so you can focus and enjoy your special day.