How to make intimate weddings extra

Apr 7, 2021 | Blog

Intimate weddings are often associated with simple celebrations, as it usually caters to a smaller number of guests than the usual. And that is also why it’s the perfect way to get married in the time of the pandemic.

But intimate weddings don’t necessarily have to be a simple affair. You can always add something to make it extra, just like these few pointers from our past weddings from last year.

Wear a face mask that matches your wedding gown

Intimate wedding, bride, covid wedding

Face masks have now become a part of our normal routine, as it is required to wear one in public. Social functions, such as intimate weddings, are no different so instead of wearing a typical face mask, why not have one made to match your wedding gown?

Zoom it

Intimate wedding, bride, covid wedding

Zoom parties have become one of the go-to ways for celebrations. Being able to be a part of your loved one’s wedding, even from across the screen, somehow bridges the gap of communication between families during this time. This couple actually celebrated a renewal of wedding vows ceremony, where all the couple’s friends and family who couldn’t be there were shown in a huge screen via Zoom.

Get married twice on the same day

Intimate wedding, bride, covid wedding

For Mikki and Bettina, it is a must to have more of their friends and relatives to be a part of their wedding. The solution they came up with? Have two intimate wedding ceremonies in one day. It surely was an extra special day for the couple, as they were able to be surrounded by the important people in their lives as they tied the knot and started their journey as a family along with Bettina’s daughter, Gummy.

Intimate wedding, bride, covid wedding

Getting married in the time of the pandemic should not hinder your desire to make it extra special. Just always make sure to follow strict protocols and ensure everyone’s safety, both for your guests and your wedding coordinating team.

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